Western Balkan partners

Faculty of Management Herceg Novi (Montenegro) https://www.fm-hn.com/ is privately owned higher-education and institution licensed for scientific and research work, established in 2009. As of 2017, the Faculty is part of Adriatic University.

Ever since its establishment, the Faculty has successfully connected higher education in management with requirements and needs of economy and society, aspiring to keep up with latest achievements in the area of management, primarily.

The Faculty has been licensed and reaccredited to provide contemporary study programs of bachelor studies in the following areas: Management in tourism and hospitality, Management in finances, accounting and banking, Management in taxes, customs and insurance, and Management in business informatics and e-business. In addition, study program of post-graduate specialist and master studies in Business Management, the Faculty is also accredited and licensed for, provides our students with extensive education, highly professional knowledge and complete intellectual development. Spacious and modern, well equipped amphitheaters, classrooms with smart boards, IT room and library create requirements for high level of quality of teaching process, as well as scientific and research work.

In addition, at the Faculty, there are Center for Foreign Languages, IT Center, as well as Business Center.

Apart from formal higher education, which is our main activity, we participated in numerous projects, both national and international. National projects are predominantly supported by the Ministry of Science of the Government of Montenegro, and international ones are numerous COST actions, IPA project on building competitiveness, Tempus project on support and inclusion of students with disabilities at higher education institutions in Montenegro, etc.

Last but not least, Faculty organizes annual Conference on Advances in Science and Technology in Herceg Novi, with the aim to bring together academic community, researchers and scientist to exchange information, experiences and research results on all aspects of specialized and interdisciplinary areas (https://confcoast.com/eng/index.html).

University College “CEPS-Center for Business Studies” Kiseljak (hereinafter CEPS – Bosnia and Herzeogvina) is a modern higher education and scientific institution, which independently conducts programs of basic academic undergraduate studies of the first (I) cycle, according to the Bologna process in three-year and four-year duration of study, such as: Traffic/Transport Engineering, Business Economy, Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Management and Energy Efficiency, Information technology, Criminalistics, Occupational Safety and Fire Protection. CEPS endeavors to satisfy the need for promoting highly educated professionals who will successfully respond to modern business challenges, as well as with the aim of raising the quality of higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The CEPS’s Development Strategy (2019-2024) has three main objectives: recognition, innovation and connection with the environment; curriculum development, student-centered; and internationalization, informatization and quality. Also, according to the Internationalization Strategy (2019-2024), one of its objectives is to raise the quality of higher education, to provide high mobility of students, academic and administration personnel as well, and to organize and participate in international scientific and professional projects. The vision is to become a leading higher education institution in the region renowned for the quality of its graduates, with the primary business goal of maintaining the quality of its work in every aspect in the coming period.

CEPS tend to develop as an optimal model of vocational studies, and must continue to insist on good relationships, contacts and cooperation within the economic environment. CEPS is an institution that influences the changing awareness of its students and staff regarding sustainable development and environmental protection. This is supported by the fact that CEPS has membership in many international organizations and networks, of which we single out: Global waste cleaning network (dedicated to conserving and maintaining healthy oceans, coastlines, lands and the atmosphere for both people and nature), ELTIS (the urban mobility observatory in the field of sustainable urban mobility), CIVINET (sustainable transport and better mobility).

It is also important to note that in 2021, two projects were implemented at CEPS in the field of sustainability and environmental protection, and another one in 2023. At the moment University College CEPS is involved as a beneficiary in two ERASMUS+ Capacity Building projects on the topic of environmental protection and sustainability. Since 2019, student conferences on sustainable development have been organized at the CEPS (2019, 2021, 2022), which will continue in the future.

The Socio-Economic Center of Montenegro is a non-governmental association based in Podgorica.

The Socio-Economic Center of Montenegro is engaged in the areas of social and economic policy with a focus on education, employment, entrepreneurship, public health and migration.

The achievements of the Socio-Economic Center of Montenegro are a function of social inclusion of citizens and local economic development.

 The activities of the Socio-Economic Center of Montenegro are aimed at:

  • Citizens in order to improve their education, awareness and participation in decision-making processes;
  • National, regional and local authorities and other institutions in order to provide professional support;
  • EU institutions for consultation and exchange of information.

Herzegovina University (Bosnia and Herzegovina) is the first independent higher education and research institution in Herzegovina, with 13 undergraduate and graduate and 9 postgraduate programs combined, including social sciences, humanities, environmental studies, international relations.

It has two centers: Centre for Research, Education, Development and Training (CIERI), Centre for Sustainable Tourism Development (CERT), and University Library, Student Centre.

The Centre for research, education, development and education (CIERI) provides practical classes for students and strong support for local community (rehabilitation programs for children with difficulties in development, psychological counselling and therapy, speech therapy, expertise and non-diploma courses for business, tourism, and more).

And the Centre for Sustainable Tourism Development (CERT) carries out the activities related to research projects, programs of lifelong education, professional development, and practical teaching programs.

Herzegovina University as an institution is constantly growing and developing since 2010 and encouraging its junior staff to develop research skills, especially in partnership with other higher education institutions and SMEs in the region and Europe.

Herzegovina University has expertise in education and specialized education programs, but also in sociological research:

  • Education, early education, higher education, higher education development, informal education, education for teachers, pedagogues, psychologists, etc.
  • Research in social sciences.
  • Trainings in social skills.

In 2017 Herzegovina University became a member of International Association of Universities (IAU), and also of Association of Rectors of Private Universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2021, Herzegovina University became a member of Race to Zero for Universities and Colleges Network and of GWCN (Global Waste Cleaning Network)